Red Mountain Label
Estate Cuisine
Red Mountain Estate
Sauvignon BlancIntha Cuisine Menu

1. Brown Bean Fries
2. Grilled Chicken
3. Indian Leek Salad/ Tomatote Salad/ Cucumber Salad
4. Fisih with Herb Filling
5. Fried Seasonal Vegetables
6. Cripsy Fried Tofu/ Rice Cracker/ Sticky Rice Cracker
7. Fish with roasted Rice Soup/ Brown Bean Soup
8. Rice Mixed with Fish
Dessert : Seasonal Fruits

Intha Cuisine MenuLocal Cuisine Menu

Chicken Satay
Tomato Salad/Cucumber Salad/ Potato Salas/Avocado Salad
Crispy Fried Potato with Fish Paste
Main Course
Traditional Chicken with Fresh Potato Curry
Fish Fillet in Banana Leaf
Fried Vegetables with Oyster Oil
Crispy Freid Tofu/ Rice Cracker/ Sticky Rice Cracker
Butterly Bean Soup
Steamed Rice
Dessert : Seasonal Fruits