The Red Mountain Estate is located in the Southern Shan state of the Union of Myanmar, on the side of the famous Inle Lake.

The general climate of Myanmar is tropical, but the Inle Lake is located in the mountains of Shan state, at an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level. This altitude makes specific weather conditions.

Two seasons :
We can divide the year in two seasons:
- Dry season: from October to March. Cold temperatures during the night and very sunny days. No rains during this season.
- Wet season: from April to September. High temperatures and rain falls.

Two vegetative cycles :
As there is no real winter, the plants never go to a dormancy stage. The plants are always growing and we have to control the vegetative cycles by pruning. There are two vegetative cycles per year, 6 months each. The artificial vegetative cycles start 2 weeks after pruning.

Dry season cycle : production of the grapes.
- Pruning in first week of October on a new cane.
- Blooming (flower) in mid-November, when the rainy season is finished
- Harvesting the grapes in February and March
This period is very dry so we need to use irrigation. No diseases on the plants so there is no need of pesticides and herbicides. The ripening of the grapes takes place in January and February, when the temperature is quiet low during the nights and the days very sunny. These conditions are very good for the production of fruity white wines (Sauvignon Blanc) because it respects the specificities of the variety.

Wet season cycle
- Pruning in first week of April on an old cane.
During that cycle, the rain causes high moisture in the air and the temperatures are quiet high. These are good conditions for the development of different fungus (mildew, anthracnose…). So we have to control these diseases by spraying pesticides. We cut down the grapes as soon as the new clusters appear.


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